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5 Fertility Myths To Ignore

When it comes to fertility, there are many misconceptions around that have anything to do with your ability to conceive. And, this is why there are so many myths about fertility. And for those who are struggling with infertility would do themselves a big favor by not believing anything they read about infertility or fertility that was never derived from any factual or credible sources. There are 5 fertility myths that we will be going over right now that anyone who is trying to conceive whether they are dealing with infertility or not must not believe at all – or to take with a grain of salt.


It Is Always The Woman’s Fault If A Pregnancy Does Not Happen Or Is Not Maintained – This myth is not only false but it is quite damaging. Women that struggle from infertility feel bad as it is since it makes them believe that they are flawed and are not feminine enough. And, the fact of the matter is that many times if a woman is not able to conceive, it has nothing to do with her at all. Her reproductive system may be just perfectly functional. Many times the man has the fertility issue and this is something that is usually not discovered until after a couple has been trying to get pregnant for a year and then they go see the doctor as to why nothing has happened. And, when it is discovered that the man has fertility issues, then the tables are turned and he is the one that does not feel masculine enough.


You Always Have To Wait A Year After Unsuccessfully Trying To Get Pregnant To See A Doctor – This is what healthy couples where the woman is under 35 years of age and has no signs of fertility issues are told to do. However, this is not true in each case. If the woman has a history of irregular periods or if the man has had surgery or an injury in his groin region, they are told to see the doctor right when they start trying to conceive in order to evaluate his sperm count and quality or determine whether the woman is ovulating or not. Sometimes couples who are in this situation need intervention right away. Additionally, older couples where the woman is over 35 are told to see the doctor much sooner if a pregnancy does not happen within months.


When You Go To A Fertility Specialist That Means You, Will, Automatically Need IVF – That is not at all the case in the majority of cases. The only times when IVF is the only option right away is if it is found or known that the fallopian tubes are blocked or damage or that the sperm count is so severely low. But in the majority of cases that is untrue. Sometimes all that is needed is some fertility drugs, as mild as Clomid to help achieve a pregnancy. Sometimes in cases that are slightly more profound, all that is needed is IUI to do the job. The bottom line is that just because you have to see a fertility specialist, you will not necessarily end up with having to go through IVF.


IVF Always Results In Multiples – If you have to go through IVF, the risk of conceiving multiples is slightly higher but more often that is not the case. In most cases, singletons are conceived. There is a grain of truth to this when it comes to older mothers going through IVF because they need to have several embryos implanted in order for at least one to take. But in the majority of cases, only one baby results from IVF.


I Had An Easy Time Getting Pregnant Once So There Is No Worry About Experiencing Infertility – Unfortunately this is also a myth. Secondary infertility is quite common and it happens to a lot of couples for various reasons. That is when pregnancy was once achieved quickly and it was successful, or even achieved several times, and then there is the ability to conceive when trying for a subsequent baby. Just because pregnancy happened quickly once does not meant that it will be the case again. With these fertility myths, you will see there may be a small grain of truth to some of them but as you see, they are just myths. Myths that are quite damaging to believe. Especially if you are struggling with infertility which can have a serious impact on you in many ways!

Pregnancy Trends For 2019

If you are a mommy to be in 2019, or you are just thinking about maybe perhaps adding a bundle of joy to your family, you are probably at least just a little bit curious about the pregnancy trends that are out there. It’s always something new, no matter how crazy or wacky it might seem, there is always a woman out there who is ready to take herself and her baby bump into the next big thing! YouTube and social media have made it super easy for pregnancy trends to go viral, and celebrities are often to blame for sparking many of the up and coming pregnancy trends that we see in our daily culture. So, without further ado, let’s read on to discover some of the hottest pregnancy trends for 2019!

#1: Normalizing Breastfeeding

This is a trend that we can definitely get behind, for good reason! We are so happy to see celebrity mamas and regular super mamas alike begin to once and for all normalize breastfeeding. So much has been done in recent years to alleviate the stigma associated with breastfeeding and we are really finally starting to see it as a way to feed your baby, no more, no less. Celeb moms are breastfeeding during filming, on the runway, and at awards shows, and it’s great to see them embrace themselves as a mother and it’s really great and healthy to see society begin to become more accepting of these mamas!

#2: Sonogram Keepsakes

If you have been on Pinterest for any length of time, chances are you have seen sonogram keepsakes. These strange but cute treasures from pregnancy are really starting to catch on and more and more women are choosing to go beyond simple sonogram photos to create beautiful and meaningful keepsakes from their pregnancies. Some women are creating sonogram jewelry, with pendants depicting their unborn baby’s sonogram image. Many other moms are creating wall art, like canvas prints of their baby’s sonogram. One of the cutest sonogram trends we have seen involves embroidering the sonogram onto a piece of fabric to be displayed! Love it!

#3: Saving Your Placenta

Well, this isn’t really so much of a new trend as a continuation of an old trend, made famous by Kourtney Kardashian, who infamously served her famous family cooked placenta for dinner! Saving your placenta for future use is still a trend, and we are seeing more and more of it in the year 2019. It’s not just celeb moms who are embracing the placenta trend! Moms just like you and me are really making use of their placenta for superfood purproses! Whether the placenta is ground up and made into pills and encapsulated, or simply dried, ground and sprinkled onto food, there is no denying that the placenta as a superfood is a trend that is nowhere near over yet!

#4: Minimalist Mama

Maybe we all have Marie Kondo to thank for this trend, but more and more mamas are embracing minimalism centered lifestyles, and this is transferring over to their pregnancies as well! Gone are the days where moms to be stocked up on every single deal they could find during their pregnancies! These days,  moms are opting for simple, peaceful nursery designs, and are going with the bare basics to ensure their pregnancies and life beyond is calm, soothing, and relaxing. Minimalism is one trend we are really excited to get behind, and we hope this one lasts a good while!

#5 Revamped Baby Showers

Gone are the days when women gathered around in a meeting hall to tie yarn around a pregnant woman’s belly or play other outdated and embarrassing shower games! Heck no! These days, baby showers are taking a classy and cool turn, and there are lots of different trends when it comes to baby showers. Of course, inviting the dads is super trendy right now, and coed showers have definitely become a “thing” in recent years! However, baby “sprinkles” are also super in right now, and this kind of goes along with the shift towards minimalism that we are seeing. More and more moms especially moms who have already had a baby, are deciding that they don’t need a big blow out baby shower and are instead opting for a smaller “sprinkle”, with family or a few close friends, where they are just gifted the essentials for baby. Some moms are forgoing the entire baby shower experience and opting instead to have a “sip and see” after the baby is born, where family and friends gather to meet the bundle of joy! Love this idea!